Ancient Traditions across the Globe have respected & honored the Unique Phases of Womanhood 

From Maiden to Motherhood into Matriarchy, each of these Seasons of Life holds Deep Wisdom 

One of the most Influential Seasons of a Woman's Life is the Phase prior to Conception & Pregnancy 

This is known as the PreConceptive Season

PreConception is an important Phase of Life, as this time determines the Health + Vitality that will be passed down through our DNA to Future Children + Generations

Our Ancestors honored the PreConceptive Season through Deep Nourishment, Ceremony, Fertility Tracking, Inner Healing & Tending to the Womb as the Portal of Life. 

The Transition from Maiden into Mother was deeply honored.

In our Modern World, many have forgotten the essential nature of Preparation & Nourishing the Soil 

Similar to a Garden, the Inner Terrain of the Womb & Female Body desires to be Tended to before planting the New Seeds of Life

If this is where you find yourself, Welcome. 

The Awakening Fertility Mentorship is an Intimate, 1:1 Space for the Woman desiring to Prepare her Body, Womb & Feminine Spirit for Conception & Pregnancy. 

We can rewrite the narrative of our Fertility & Womanhood through this Phase of our Life

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  • Prepare yourself Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually for the most Transformative Phase of Womanhood, Conception & Pregnancy

  • Experience Vital Hormones & a Healthy Menstrual Cycle

  • Have Tools + Practices to support you through your Conscious + Intentional Conception Journey

  • Understand your Fertility Signs & be able to time the exact moment you desire to Conceive

  • Know exactly how to Nourish your Womb for Optimal Ovulation & Fertility

  • Move through your Conception Journey with Trust + Surrender as you lean into your Feminine Energy

  • Focus on your Inner Healing so you can Emerge into your Fertility Journey feeling Empowered

  • Listen to the Needs + Desires of your Body throughout the different Seasons of your Womb

  • Be Fully Connected to who you are as a Woman, Inside & Out, before journeying into Motherhood

Beautiful Woman, take a Moment to Inhale. How would it Feel to...

I'm ready to apply

This Integrative & Holistic Program is a seamless blend of the Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Elements of Womb + Feminine Healing that are essential for the PreConception Phase of Womanhood. Whether you desire to Conceive in 6 Months or 6 Years, it is never too early to Nourish + Tend to the Vibrancy of your Female Body & Spirit. 

The Awakening Fertility Mentorship

Is an Intimate, 1:1 Journey with Haley Nichole


I knew that I wanted to get Pregnant in the near future but was struggling with Irregular Cycles, PMS & not feeling Mentally ready to journey into Pregnancy. I also had experienced a Miscarriage & felt a lot of fear around that happening again. Haley supported me with Nourishing my Body, Tracking my Cycle & also beginning to address some of the areas of my Healing that I was scared to do alone. I feel very confident in my ability to conceive when that day arrives!

I reached out to Haley at a very pivotal time of my Life. 

The Awakening Fertility Framework was birthed through walking alongside dozens of Women as they Prepared for Conception + Pregnancy. 

Through witnessing Women navigate this Phase of Life, I quickly realized how supportive it was to have guidance through this Transformative Phase of Womanhood

 Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually 

There is Power in PreConceptive Care



After about six weeks of working with Haley, my pre-menstrual pain was gone and my menstrual cramps were significantly less painful. Diving deeper into the work, I knew that it went far beyond healing pain. I was learning to live in rhythm with my body, to listen to my body, and trust my body. I have been able to elevate every part of my life — career, romantic partnership, friendships, relationships with my family, because I understand who I am on a much deeper level.

My initial intention was to heal PMS and period cramps that have been debilitating since getting my period as a pre-teen.

  • You Feel Disconnected from your Body & crave to Reconnect to yourself before becoming a Mother 

  • You've been on Hormonal Birth Control for years & desire to Restore your Cycle + Fertility before trying to Conceive 

  • You're struggling with Hormonal Imbalances that you know are impacting you Physically + Emotionally 

  • You're experiencing Irregular Cycles, Painful Periods & PMS

  • You're struggling with Recurrent Miscarriages & Fertility Challenges 

  • You don't Understand your Cycle, Fertility + Feminine Rhythms & crave to form a deeper relationship to your Female Physiology

  • You know you have deeper Healing that desires tending before you choose to Conceive 

Beautiful Woman, does this sound like you?


 I reached out about hormones, irregular periods, and everything else physical/female that felt dysfunctional. But it has turned into so much more. Haley has become a healer, a guide, a mentor, a coach, a therapist, and a sister. I don’t recognize myself after a year of coaching with Haley. I can’t thank her enough for being the open, accepting, gifted, judgement-free, wise beautiful, badass babe that she is.

I can honestly say, after working together for exactly 1 year now, that Haley is one of the biggest blessings of my life.

  • 1, 90 Minute Deep Dive Session 

  • 8, 60 Minute Follow Up Coaching & Embodiment Sessions 

  • 2, Ceremonial Healing Sessions 

  • Text + Email Support in between sessions 

  • Weekly Embodiment practices, Journaling prompts & Healing exercises  

  • Personalized Healing Protocol 

  •  50% off any 2023 Root & Womb Co Programs

  • My entire Heart, Body + Soul centered upon your Feminine Healing Journey  

The Awakening Fertility Mentorship Includes...


Through my work with Haley she reassured me that through proper Nutrition & Lifestyle Changes, it was possible to support my Fertility & get Pregnant when I desired to. Fast forward one year later - I'm a Mom of a beautiful, healthy Boy. Haley helped support me with a lot of the fears that I held around being Pregnant & even giving Birth. She supported me in tapping into my Intuition & trusting my Body. I am forever grateful for her Guidance.

I was on Birth Control for 10 years & was always scared about my ability to get Pregnant.

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The Awakening Fertility Mentorship? 

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 Your next steps forward are to set up a complementary 30 Minute Connection Call Via the Link Below. This is a no pressure space for us to Connect & see if we are an aligned match for another. Pricing for the Mentorship is Listed here as well. 

I honor you for taking this next step in your journey & I look forward to supporting you. 

In Devotion, Haley Nichole 

 As a feminine being, Menstruation is a sacred time of rest, nourishment & allowing your womb to release all physical, emotional + energetic matter that is no longer serving you. In this guide you will be introduced to this portal & be supported with rituals, holistic nutrition practices & ways to support your bleeding body.  

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