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As a Collective, we guide you in reclaiming your body & stepping into your feminine radiance. 

A Space for the Awakening, Cyclical Woman


This ebook + guide is full of revolutionary ways to tune in & honor your bleeding womb. From holistic nutrition practices to rituals, this guide will support you in creating a healthy relationship with menstruation & this sacred season of your body. 

Sacred Menstruation 

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My journey in reclaiming my feminine body was fueled by years of disordered eating + my experience on hormonal birth control. After feeling alone + defeated, I slowly returned to the core of my being through attuning to the wisdom of my womb + reuniting with my feminine body. 

I created Root & Womb Collective as a sacred space for the feminine to gather, educate, heal + embody. Thank you for being on this path with me sister. 

I'm Haley Nichole

Women's Mentor &
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- Tiana 

I first went on birth control because my doctor told me it was the only option left to get rid of my absolutely debilitating cramps. Haley's work has allowed me to live my life as the cyclical being I was meant to be. I am so thankful to finally be able to listen and thank my body for it's natural rhythms. I now have a healthy cycle, ZERO cramping, and clear inner season transitions."

working with Haley has been the single greatest thing to happen to me in 2020

- Shelby 

Everything I’ve been too afraid to share with the world, she invited in with gentle loving arms and normalized it. I’ve never met someone so present, intuitive, and supportive. Each time we work together I obtain a deeper insight into myself and learn practical tools that help navigate these new discoveries. I can’t even describe the growth I’ve experienced in our short time working together, but I wholeheartedly believe it is because of this space Haley and I created. 

Before working with Haley I had no idea what to expect. I knew I just needed support


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 As a feminine being, Menstruation is a sacred time of rest, nourishment & allowing your womb to release all physical, emotional + energetic matter that is no longer serving you. In this guide you will be introduced to this portal & be supported with rituals, holistic nutrition practices & ways to support your bleeding body.  

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