Menstrual Cycle Challenges such as period pain, PMS, irregular cycles, short cycles & a missing period

Transitioning off Birth Control 

Disordered Eating Behaviors such as chronic dieting, binge eating + emotional eating 

Body Image Challenges 

Disconnection from your Feminine Body, radiance, magnetism & intuition  

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- Hannah, 1:1 Client 

After about six weeks of working with Haley, my pre-menstrual pain was gone and my menstrual cramps were significantly less painful. Diving deeper into the work, I knew that it went far beyond healing pain. I was learning to live in rhythm with my body, to listen to my body, and trust my body. I have been able to elevate every part of my life — career, romantic partnership, friendships, relationships with my family, because I understand who I am on a much deeper level.

My initial intention was to heal PMS and period cramps that have been debilitating since getting my period as a pre-teen.

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Our Pillars

Menstrual Cycle Healing

Holistic Nutrition

Feminine Embodiment

Feminine Embodiment is a devotion to being in your beautiful body & experiencing the richness that this vessel has to offer you. We believe that healing happens through the portal of the body. Through these teachings you are able to access greater depth, sensation & awareness so that you may find the answers within.

Menstrual Cycle Healing is a multifaceted journey of uncovering physical, emotional & energetic layers that are creating dis-ease within the womb.  This healing is facilitated through holistic nutrition, menstrual cycle charting, herbal remedies, emotional clearing, lifestyle changes, mind body awareness & embodiment practices. 

As a degreed nutritionist & eating psychologist, I see food as being an integral piece to the healing journey.While food is not everything, it does have the ability to nourish the root, the body & to bring us back into a place of vitality. Food is always viewed holistically in this space & your relationship to food is just as important as the nutrients you are putting in your body. 

- Melanie, Rooted & Radiant 

A new lens to look at the world, as well as myself. A lens that introduced appreciation for my womb and feminine body. It allowed me to connect with myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually on an entirely new level. Haley's insight taught me to love myself in a new way, one I didn’t even know was possible.

I was provided an entirely new framework in which to understand my body.

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Work with Us

But only if you desire to live a radiant life


Haley works 1:1 with courageous women who are ready to reclaim their body + step into the embodied being they desire to be. She supports women in healing their menstrual cycle, transitioning off birth control, reclaiming their body + stepping into their feminine radiance. This intimate 4 month container is transformation for body, mind, womb + spirit. Haley has 3, 1:1 spots opening in February. Apply today to see if you are a good fit. 

1:1 Coaching 

FOR THE Brave Woman

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For the being who desires to learn the ins + outs of sacred menstruation & tune into their womb in a radical way. This 4 week course is designed to support you in creating a potent relationship with menstruation & the portal that is opened when a woman bleeds. You'll receive access to 4 live calls, meditations & journal prompts to support you in fostering this relationship for a lifetime. This is wonderful for the being who experiences period pain or feels disconnected from their bleed from hormonal birth control. 

The Medicine of Menstruation

4 week course

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This is a transformative journey into the wisdom of the cycle, womb + feminine body. If you are ready to reclaim your menstrual cycle + feminine body as your source of power, this journey is for you. Equal educational as experiential, this journey will transform the relationship you have to your womb + cycle forever. Next Group Starts in March 2021!

Rooted & Radiant

8 Week group Journey

In this space you will be met with open, loving arms.
We don't take your presence lightly & we honor your courage. 

Root & Womb Collective is a living, breathing consciousness. One that evolves with what is calling our hearts forward & also the needs of our sacred community. Our intention isn't just to support you in healing your cycle, but to foster a radical relationship with your female body. To live with an open heart & to listen to the whispers of your womb. 

Our intention is to guide you in remembering your own cyclic wisdom. To support you in healing all the places within that have disconnected you from stepping into your feminine radiance.

Thank you being an integral piece in healing the collective feminine heartbeat. 

It is our honor to guide + walk along side you on this spiral path

do you hear the call?

- Francesca, Rooted & Radiant 

In just the first week, I could sense an improvement in my body, energy levels and spirit, and since then my bleeds have been exactly on time and healthier than ever. I cannot recommend this experience enough to all female bodies. Haley is such a gift; her work is medicine and I am so grateful for all I have taken away from this experience.

I cannot express enough how immensely my health has realigned in the few months since joining this course. 

the reviews

Our upcoming course, The Medicine of Menstruation, is for the modern woman who desires to create a radical relationship with the portal of menstruation. This is an educational rich course that also guides you through embodiment practices that will anchor you into the wisdom of your womb during this sacred phase of your cycle.  

Launching February 2021

The Medicine of Menstruation

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 As a feminine being, Menstruation is a sacred time of rest, nourishment & allowing your womb to release all physical, emotional + energetic matter that is no longer serving you. In this guide you will be introduced to this portal & be supported with rituals, holistic nutrition practices & ways to support your bleeding body.  

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