The collective was birthed from a vision of women reclaiming the intelligence of their female body & reuniting with their sacred cycle. Our work is centered upon cycle + womb wisdom, feminine embodiment, & women's spirituality. 

We offer coaching, courses & community gatherings to support you in your feminine awakening. We are grateful to have you on this journey with us. 

Root & Womb Collective 

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In this space, we believe that you hold the keys to your healing journey & that we simply facilitate the journey inward.

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Hello beloved, I am so happy you are here. My passion for cyclical healing + feminine embodiment started with my own journey of disordered eating + hormonal birth control. I spent many years of my life dieting, binging, purging & living outside of my body. I felt like a stranger in my own vessel, always in battle with myself. Simultaneously, I was struggling with being on + off hormonal birth control, which only severed my chronic disconnection. 

Through my own healing journey, I recognized the essential need of trusting my own intuition + foraging a path that wasn’t laid out in front of me. I also realized that my healing was fostered through the symbiotic relationship of tending to my physical body, while deepening my spiritual roots.  This infusion of the physical, emotional + energetic elements are what supported me in my own healing & creates the healing environment for all the women I serve.

I currently reside on an organic pear orchard in a small mountain town in the San Diego Mountains with my love, many animals + Michelle, the first co contributor to the collective. It is my pleasure to welcome you into this sacred space.

Holistic Cycle Guide + Nutritionist

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Haley Nichole

- Christina, 1:1 client

Haley made me feel really comfortable with getting uncomfortable. She doesn’t just give you all the answers or put a bandaid over your problems - she actually helps you get to the root and manage them. Haley has seriously impacted my life in so many ways - she’s helped me slowly regulate my menstrual cycle, work through disordered eating patterns I never thought I’d overcome, rethink my daily habits & routine, improve my self talk, properly nourish my body and womb, and just strive for a better life! I’m so grateful to have Haley help guide me along this ever evolving journey of being my best self.  

When I started this work, I was in a deep binge purge cycle and in the middle of what ended up being 100 days without a period.

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Our MISSION at Root & Womb is to Anchor you into the wisdom of your beautiful body

The Feminine Healing Journey is a spiral, a sacred path that holds the potential to lead every woman home to the core of their being. Women are called to this journey when they receive the opportunity to reclaim the fragmented parts of their deepest self ~ the messy, the wild, and the vulnerable. This journey is facilitated by placing intention on the two centers that we feel are the most instrumental for feminine beings to heal + thrive, their Root & Womb. 

The Root is the physical vessel that emanates vibrancy, cultivates aliveness, and grounds you to the Earth. ⁣It is the female body, rich with intuitive awareness and the internal presence of your core self. ⁣The Root is nourished through a living, dynamic relationship to your body's unique needs and to the unique development of the inner self.⁣

The Womb is the center of gravity within the female body – the driving force of the Root. ⁣ Physically, this pear-shaped organ transforms each month through a cycle of shedding and building as it is pulled by the tides of the moon.⁣ While the health of the Womb is deeply connected to fertility and sexuality, it is also energetically woven with your emotional body and modes of creativity.⁣ 

As a Collective, we facilitate + nurture the Feminine Healing Journey.  



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Haley's signature coaching package is for the woman who is ready to heal their cycle, reclaim their body & step into their feminine radiance. Through a seamless blend of holistic nutrition, menstrual cycle healing, feminine embodiment, emotional clearing + more you will leave your 4 months together feeling rebirthed + anew. 

One on One Coaching

Intimate Support + Healing


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The Business Plan Course

Our best-selling course


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- Julia, 1:1 Client 

I was on hormonal birth control for 10 years and for the last two I had really bad anxiety and isolating feelings, which was taking a toll on my relationship. Since working with Haley to safely transition of the Depo shot, I feel like myself again! She taught me about optimal nutrition and supplementation to support my body during this time, gave me an in depth understanding of my cycle, and has left me feeling extremely confident to take control of my fertility without the use of hormonal birth control. She was also so supportive during some emotional times when I was struggling to get my period back and experiencing negative opinions of others for my decision. For any woman who is wanting to make this leap - don’t do it alone! I am SO thankful that I met Haley, and that I was able to work with her!”

I loved working with Haley! Not only is she very knowledgeable on women’s health, she is the most supportive +  empowering coach.

the reviews

Our upcoming course, The Medicine of Menstruation, is for the modern woman who desires to create a radical relationship with the portal of menstruation. This is an educational rich course that also guides you through embodiment practices that will anchor you into the wisdom of your womb during this sacred phase of your cycle.  

Launching February 2021

The Medicine of Menstruation

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 As a feminine being, Menstruation is a sacred time of rest, nourishment & allowing your womb to release all physical, emotional + energetic matter that is no longer serving you. In this guide you will be introduced to this portal & be supported with rituals, holistic nutrition practices & ways to support your bleeding body.  

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