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Root & Womb Collective is an virtual healing space devoted to supporting you in preparing your body for pregnancy, reconnecting to your feminine essence & restoring vibrant fertility.
I offer 1:1 coaching, courses, an annual retreat & a podcast all designed to support you in reclaiming your womb & feminine vitality.

My own personal Healing Journey was ignited through a turbulent path of Eating Disorders, Body Image Challenges & Hormonal Birth Control. For many years of my Life, I felt like a stranger inside my own Body. Once removing my IUD, I started immersing myself in all things Feminine Health. Simultaneously, I was healing my relationship to Food & learning how to live inside of my Body once again. After moving through my own Journey, I was inspired to support Women as I realized how transformational the path I had walked was.

I walk with Women on their PreConception & Fertility Journey's, as I believe this is an integral season of Womanhood that invites us into our highest expression. I blend together the Science & the Sacred, as both are essential elements on our Journey to Vibrant Feminine Health. I am honored you are here & hope to be able to support you through one of my many offerings here at Root & Womb. 

I'm Haley Nichole
Holistic Fertility Guide & Women's Mentor


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Holistic Doula Services

A 90 minute coaching  session tailored towards 1-2 specific things you want guidance on. Includes a detailed Healing Protocol & 7 days of email support. This is a perfect option if you're not ready to invest in 1:1 Coaching. 

The Awakening Fertility Mentorship is for the woman who:
- Wants to prepare for pregnancy
- Is experiencing hormonal imbalances + wants to restore her cycle before TTC
- Is TTC without any success
- Wants to prepare for IUI / IVF
- Desires a holistic, integrative approach to conception + fertility

 I honor Birth as a Natural, Physiological Event + support those who desire a Holistically Minded Birth Journey, whether that is at Home, in a Birth Center or in the Hospital. I serve Women throughout San Diego County, mainly in Scripps Ranch, Poway, Ramona & Julian. 

90 Minute Deep Dive Session

The Awakening Fertility Mentorship

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- Tiana, Womb Health Client

I first went on birth control because my doctor told me it was the only option left to get rid of my absolutely debilitating cramps. Haley's work has allowed me to live my life as the cyclical being I was meant to be. I am so thankful to finally be able to listen and thank my body for it's natural rhythms. I now have a healthy cycle, ZERO cramping, and clear inner season transitions."

"Working with Haley has been the single greatest thing to happen to me this year.

- Hillary Catherine 

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she transformed my business and helped me book 4 new clients in a week!


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